As a student corporate social responsibility organization, our organization’s goal is to educate the public about the importance of your food sources, and to give back to the global community. Our group wants to choose this topic because food is necessary in our daily life, and therefore we all have a very close connection with food. Today, the food industry and its ties to sustainability and overall social responsibility are becoming more and more important to the consumer. We believe that it is important to educate our families and the public about the origin of our food and how our daily eating choices impact the global community. We believe that better social responsibility practice can bring us better communities and a better world.

Read on to meet the founders of this organization.

Benjamin Posthuma

Ben grew up in the midwest and, though surrounded by huge gardens, farmlands, and all the natural food he could hope for, the culture at the time taught that eating was only a necessity in life. There was little enjoyment in food and his family mostly ate only because they had to. After high school, Ben moved to San Diego where he was surrounded by a wealth of fresh seafood, though he found  it odd that the seafood in his local grocery store generally came from another state or country and was rarely local. Fortunately for Ben, it was the early 2000’s and the craft beer and craft revolution was quickly forming in San Diego. Ben followed along as brewery after brewery explored what artisan and craft really meant. Soon, this went hand in hand with food and restaurants were no longer a place to find nutrients, but rather a place to explore a meal and experience eating as a social and spiritual situation. Ben has followed author Michael Pollan as he took readers back to the origins of food and explained how close we really are to our food sources. Today, Ben gives back to his family by taking his 4-year old son to visit local animal and vegetable farms and to teach him that food doesn’t simply come from the aisles in the grocery store.

Tateh Hopper

Tateh has always lived in a small town with healthy food sources all around her. There were never any fast food restaurants, unless she traveled far and wide. Her mother is a caterer, serving only the finest of foods to her customers; Tateh grew up eating fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, grains, etc. that her mom bought. Fast forward 18 years to when Tateh went to college and was exposed to a world of more processed food, fast food joints, and restaurants that serve low quality food. Unfortunately, Tateh fell into a rut of eating processed food and living an unhealthy lifestyle among her peers. Finally, Tateh realized being able to eat healthy and have eaten the foods she did for so long was a privilege that many can’t enjoy. The costs are expensive for a college student looking to buy natural and organic food, but the benefits outweigh those cost to live a healthy life and be in physical good health. Now, Tateh only buys the best foods that are in the markets, locally and globally sold, and she support naturally sourced food companies!

Yucen Ma

Yucen from Chongqing china. Chongqing is in southwest of china, which is a nice weather place she can always enjoy fresh seasonal vegetables.She can buy fresh vegetables and fruits from local market and grocery store. But China has recently been faced with serious issues of food safety. In order to sell more products and make more profits, some food producers will take risk of breaking the law and deliberately add various dangerous chemicals to make their food look or taste better. That makes her really worried about the food safety in china. Yucen believes that  government should regular inspect food industry and develop public education, including science readings, audio-visual that will make the food industry more standard. So she thinks bring corporate social responsibility to food industry is extremely important not only in US but also in the world.