The Importance of Food Safety

Food safety is always our first consideration when we are shopping in grocery stores, eating out. We want to make sure we eat healthy, fresh, no contaminated food. But the unsafe foods can be found, in the market and in our daily life, which has raised a lot of public attention. Food safety has become a rising concern among customers. When customer are facing so many brands and variety quality products in grocery store they are are at a comparative disadvantage.

 What is food health why we need to pay attention?

From dictionary definition this term means: “Food safety refers to the conditions and practices that preserve the quality of food to prevent contamination and food borne illnesses.” . As the saying goes: “Food is the first necessity of people”, from the farm to table we are facing so many issues about food safety: environmental pollution, food additives, food packaging containers, tools, materials, produce harmful substances, during the food processing. Food safety considers are everywhere. The reasons we need to pay attention to unsafe food because the unsafe food is such a big waste of resources. Second, it has a bad effect on our society moral standards. And when people are buying those unsafe foods their life is severely threatened. From the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that there are “582 million: The number of cases of 22 different food-borne diseases experienced in 2010, there are deaths caused by the bacteria Salmonella, 40% of 181158displaythe percentage of people under the age of 5 who suffered from food-borne diseases” . In the food safety government website, there are 4 news for food recalls and alerts just for 3/31/2016 one day. There are about at least 2 food recalls in us market everyday. You may think about buying from big company may reducing the issue of food risk, but in march 2016, Starbucks recalls Cheese & Fruit Bistro Box because they are may contain an undeclared tree nut allergen (cashews), in march 21 the grocery chain H-E-B Inc. is recalling more than 10000 cans of tuna, they are recalling this product because produced at a co-packer, may have been undercooked due to an equipment malfunction, which was uncovered during a routine inspection.” Food safety news is happening everyday in our life. We cannot ignore it; we all need to do something to change that.

What should we do to reduce food safety issue?

In US there are big amount of customers purchase food from grocery stores. We kind of believe that food in grocery is meet some safety standards. As a grocery store, they need to pay more attention to the food selection, uncooked fresh meat and seafood which may can carry harmful bacteria, so as a seller they need to frequently check that. The grocery store should take responsibility of educating customer about healthy eating habit by increasing the stocking of healthy food and provide healthier food sampler to customer trying to help them build healthy eating habit. As food manufacturing, the companies should not only care about their profit by adding more food coloring, aginomoto to attract customers, they need to pay more attention on how to provide customer health food without adding too much artificial flavors. Make sure the producing process is clean and non-pollution. As customer it seems like we cannot do something to reduce the problem. But what we can do is pay attention about the food safety news. If we meet food safety issue, we need to report this problem to, make sure that there will be no more people suffered from the unsafe food product. The last one is always keep your grocery receipt for several days in case unsafely food product.


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