Is organic food worth it

Today, when we are shopping in the grocery store we can find there are a lot of fruits and vegetables are claim they are organic food, there are even some fried potato chips are putting the “organic” sign in their bag packing and tell consumers they are made from organic potato’s. Usually they have higher price than the natural or non- GMO foods. When we are facing so many choices in the grocery, we will always think about is the organic food worth the money or should I purchase natural food or non – GMO foods to save money. The fox news even provides us ten reasons why organic food is expensive .


What is organic food, why we buy themimages.jpg


The clear definition of organic is “organic produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation. Animals that produce meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones.” The National organic program (USDA) is in charge the legally defined of the organic food. So we can always see the USADA signs in the food packing. Because the organic food is always selling higher price, there are some companies join a food organization and mislead consumers to buy their products. Some consumers buy organic food because they think the organic food taste better, others think the organic food has more nutritious. There are many gourmet cooking websites will recommend you choose organic food when you are cooking, because they are tastier. Because organic food grows without pesticides, the food may contain more natural taste. When we are growing seasonal vegetable in our backyard we will definitely feel they will taste better. The article from national geographic website provides us evidence that why the organic food tastes better: “in the fruit or vegetable, at the expense of flavor-producing, healthful antioxidants. The study additionally found cadmium, a toxic metal contaminant, to be about 50% lower in organic crops than in conventional foods.”that means organic food has better taste because the grow environment.

Food producer will often neglect the phenomenon, too much pesticides will cause land pollutions. They are setting their profit in the first place but forget to pay attention environment around us. The other important reason is organic food companies are trying to bring their value back to community and society for example we all familiar with the brand “organic valley” they are join in a waste reduction scheme. “In the last year the Coop reduced waste by 25% by diverting more than 100,000lbs of waste from landfills in addition to investing in water and energy conservation.

Why organic food cost more

We all meet the situation, when there are two same vegetables, one is natural the other one is organic, but if the organic is on sale, the price the same of natural one. We will be more likely to purchase the organic one. There is evidence discuss about why organic food cost more. First we need to know that 100% organic means using only organic ingredients. This is often labelled single integrated item. Like fruits or eggs. Organic products mean there are at least 90% of ingredients. Made from organic foods means that there are at least 75% ingredients. Organic food requires more resources to produced, because they are not industrialized. The same kind of vegetables will be produce less amount than the industrialized vegetables. And sometimes the food size is much smaller than the industrialized vegetables. For an organic produce company, they need to add more manpower and use more expensive environmentally fertilizer.



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