Falling Sales of Sugary Beverages and Alternatives

A revolution is upon us. Soda beverage sales have dropped “more than 7% in the five years ending in 2013,” according to this article, and “seltzer sales have soared 29%.” So why is this happening so rapidly? As society becomes more and more aware of current trends of new healthy lifestyles and eating habits, consumption of sugary, fizzy beverages have taken a fall. Consumers are turning away from sodas, including diet, and choosing a healthier option with “fewer chemicals and ingredients and less sugar and caffeine while still retaining that fizzy mouth feel of a soft drink.” There are also other options that are trending in the beverage area of the food industry, like tea’s, waters, juices, etc. As our world slowly becomes more and more inclined to be and eat healthy, companies have to meet the consumer’s needs and provide different options to choose from.

We all know of Coca-Cola and Nestlé beverages, in recent years they introduced a line of lightly flavored sparkling water. As they are huge names in the food industry, their initial thought was that if they provided the consumers with the seltzer trend/alternative that they would be the winning segment. However, little did they know, LaCroix was already on the shelf, and everyone was already drinking it. In this article, Jennifer Chaussee writes that LaCroix has found a loyal following targeted to young, health-conscious consumers. LaCroix sales since just last year “have increased 45%.” As people wean off of soda and choose this healthier option, Coca-Cola and PepsiCo are still in the race to compete with LaCroix’s success; this hasn’t been able to happen. The article goes on to say that “among a flood of sparkling water, LaCroix is arguable the ugliest—in a good way.” LaCroix still is the front-runner in this healthy soda alternative, and may have people gravitated towards them because they aren’t well know national beverages.

23708218_e7a7ffde48_oAnother alternative that has come to the scene very recently is FATwater. FATwater is “blended with two grams of fat-rich coconut oil”, this is meant to help people perform better and hydrate them more effectively. It comes in three flavors – lemon, orange and berry. This drink has caught the eye of many on social media, and ultimately has sold out since the launching of it. As this may just be a “fad” according to some Australian nutritionist, FATwater is meant to be a clean-burning fuel from quality fat instead of sugar.” FATwater has no research, however, proving that it helps with hydration. So in the long run, we should stick to the things we are well aware of and have actual research to back them up. You can read more into this product from this article.

As trends occur and reoccur, society finds it helpful if companies supply to the demand. Soda is full of sugars, dyes, and chemicals that are detrimental to our health. By supplying the healthier option such as soda water, like LaCroix has, consumers will have an alternative to make their lives better and healthier. As for some other options that have hit the market, people often don’t do the research on what they are buying/consuming. This may not be helpful for you because it actually may not be a healthier option and the companies are providing you with mal-researched beverages that may not even satisfy a need (of being healthier). The main thing to do is to know what you are purchasing, do the background research, and drink responsibly due to the up and coming health trends in the food industry.


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