Building A Healthy Shopping Environment

Almost every week we are shopping at grocery store, we will fill in shopping cart with vegetables, fruits, meat, and some frozen foods. Every one has their own preference of grocery store, some people may like to go to target, Walmart, some other people more willing to visit whole foods and some other natural foods grocery store. So when you enter

Cropped Image Of Woman Pushing Shopping Cart In Store
Cropped image of young woman pushing shopping cart in grocery store

in every grocery store do you noticed that the environment around you will influence your food choice? A report from food insight conducts a survey in 2012 to analyze purchasing influence when people are shopping at grocery stores. “Taste and price continue to drive food and beverage choices (87% and 73% respectively) more than healthfulness (61%), convenience (53%) or sustainability (35%).” You can notice that there are more than 50% of people will consider convenience the number means that they may buy frozen food often than others and there is even small amount of people will consider about sustainability.


When we are entering in the grocery store, we will always notice the goods shelf beside the door and most of the time is the products on sale. So if the grocery put chips and soda drinks on that shelf, you will have higher chance to buy that, while if the grocery store put fresh fruits and vegetables, there is a high chance that you will buy these healthy foods. In public health website there something that government does helping us to build a healthy eating habit “some localities have used urban planning tools such as zoning or licensing laws and incentive programs to regulate location and density of fast food outlets or to promote the availability of healthy foods in neighborhood corner stores.” Actually even government have limitation on the fast food restaurants, but people can still be trying to find unhealthy food in the grocery store. There are some ways of helping people to build a healthier grocery store list: “Make a list of vegetables of fruits you want to buy this week, a list can guide you directly to the vegetable section, that can avoid you shopping at unhealthy food section (puffed food). Second tip is Don’t shop hungry, we all have the experience when we are shopping hungry, we will buy a lot unhealthy food and will buy a lot unnecessary food. The third one is buy bulk food; this can help you buying some whole grain foods because instead of buying the instant oatmeal you may the original oatmeal.” When we are shopping we need to responsible for our self and start to think about the sustainable of the foods.


Grocery stores not only provide people a place to buy products they also need to think about how to guide people to build their healthy eating habits. Grocery stores start to do this not only because of they are taking social responsibility but also they can gain competitive business advantage in their industry. Because they are providing good value to consumers so they will start to create a close connection with consumers, and loyal consumers will always follow them. There are some ways grocery stores can do to help customer: First one is trying to increase the goods shelf for natural foods, guide customers to buy natural foods when they are shopping in the store. Second way is giving coupon to every local community, attract people to buy healthier foods. In the article “the healthy eating habit of low income population”  one of the important barrier of these low income population is that their family cannot afford the expense of natural foods, so they have to buy fast foods for their families to save money. This action is the way the companies are giving out their value to local communities. The last suggestion is, grocery can try to give out natural food samples attract consumers to test and when consumer is buying these foods they can also get a healthy recipe.


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